Sell groceries.

The residents of greater Westville need you. They are crying out for a local outlet to purchase quality meat, produce and other household necessities.


There is a great opportunity to become this outlet; to serve the town, the surrounding area and the thousands that travel through. Your location, your patrons and your guide are all right here.


For several decades Westville supported a grocery ("Old Time Foods") that operated a successful enterprise providing staple items and fresh food. While most families shopped several times a month at the more crowded supermarkets in surrounding towns, Old Time Foods was a place people went often. They had whatever you needed, the cuts of meat were premium and you never failed to see your neighbors there.  A heart attack prompted the proprietor to close the business in 2016. This left the town without a local option, placing the town in the midst of what the USDA defines as a "Food Desert".  This designation makes it worthwhile to investigate grants and federal programs.

The Location


The former "Old Time Foods" stands clean and prepared, with well maintained equipment ready for commerce in the Westville Shopping Center. The former proprietor is the owner of the complex, so you will have guidance to help you through the facets of the grocery business.


  • 8,000 Square feet, adjustable to suit your needs.
  • $5 per square foot annually, with negotiable terms available.




Contact Bryan Setser at: 219-785-2114.






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